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Healthcare Reforms as part of EU Association

Healthcare Reforms as part of EU Association

18-05-2017 - The PERC, in cooperation with the ILO and the European Federation Public Service Unions, organised a seminar on the healthcare system reform processes (...) read more

PERC network meeting for NIS experts in occupational health and safety

28-11-2016 - On 22-24 November 2016 ITUC-PERC held a meeting of the occupational health and safety experts from NIS trade union centres. read more
The PERC Experts' Workshop: “Challenges of...

The PERC Experts’ Workshop: “Challenges of...

02-06-2016 - The PERC Experts’ Workshop: “Challenges of Migration in Europe: Building a Pan-European Response” was organised in Brussels, 25 and 26 May with the (...) read more

The 9th meeting of the PERC Executive Committee

22-03-2016 - The PERC Executive Committee met in Brussels on 21 March 2016. It was chaired by the PERC President Irakli Petriashvili. Around 100 trade unionists (...) read more
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