7 October – WDDW in Latvia

Today, involved in international trade union action “World Day for Decent Work” and supporting the initiative of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) “Decent Work, Decent Wage” around 1500 trade unionists of Latvia representing different industry sectors participated at the picket in front of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia.

Riga, 7 October 2008.

Peteris Krigers, President of LBAS, conveyed a solidarity message from General Secretaries of ITUC and ETUC to all participants of the meeting and submitted to the Government trade union demands regarding state budget for 2009.

During the Government meeting on state budget for 2009 ( at 12.30) a tripartite agreement was signed in which the Government, Employers Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) and Free Trade Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) agreed not to support any proposal increasing state budget deficit above 1,85% of GDP, do not plan in the state budget for 2009 additional financial resources to increase payment for state administration officials, to increase untaxed minimum from 80 to 100 LVL ( 140 EUR) and to increase tax allowance for dependent person to 70 LVL ( 100 EUR) per month.

P.Krigers: “This is the first small compromise achieved in our negotiations with the Government. Further negotiations will follow in the Parliament Commissions and meetings and will be supported by our members in front of the Parliament House. Our fight is not yet over.”

LBAS is not satisfied with the work of the Government regarding the state budget for 2009 because of the lack of real social dialogue. Besides, LBAS did not receive full information regarding planned income and expenditure for the next year until yesterday’s late evening.
LBAS priority issue is wage increase for employees of state budget sector but up to now no compromise decision is reached.

During the picket trade unionists held slogans: “Taxes and poverty – a privilege of people!”, “We demand the Government to keep promises!”, “The Government lives – people exist!”.