Announcement of the European day of Action

The PERC President Mikhail Shmakov and the PERC General Secretary John Monks sent a circular letter to all the PERC organisations inviting to join the forces in European Day of Action in September 2010.

Brussels, 29 June 2010

 To all members of PERC

Dear colleague,
European Day of Action
September 29, 2010

As you know, Governments across Europe are moving to implement austerity packages by major cuts in public expenditure.
That they are all doing this at the same time resembles the 1930s when general cuts of this kind caused a recession to become a depression with tragic political and military consequences that devastated Europe and elsewhere.
The ETUC are planning a European Day of Action on September 29. Major activities so far planned include a large demonstration in Belgium and a general strike in Spain.
We are writing now to invite the affiliates of PERC to join this action and make it truly European wide. Activities can include strikes, demonstrations and other ways of registering trade union opposition to the general imposition of austerity plans. This is additional to supporting the ITUC’s Day of Decent Work on October 7.
We enclose a note which sets out a manifesto for the European Day of Action on September 29. We invite you to play your part on behalf of all the workers of Europe.

Yours sincerely

Mikhail Shmakov, PERC President, John Monks, PERC General Secretary

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