BSPSH action on WDDW

In the framework of the celebrations of the World Day for Decent Work, the Union of the Independent Trade Unions of Albania, BSPSH, has organized a workshop at its new premises, with the participation of the leadership from its main professional federations and regional structures. To be mention was the wider participants of young and women activists.

On this occasion President Gezim Kalaja, presented the statistics and the wider spectrum of the problems in this filed, stressing the role of the trade union movement in decreasing the level of the informal employment and the specific role of the women and youth forums, as most discriminated contingents at the work places.

As well he mentioned the role of BSPSH and its efforts for asking the collaboration of the employers’ organizations as well as the government structures, in the fight against corruption as a factor for creating environment for the informal economy. The determination of BSPSH structures for increasing the level of collective contracts by recruiting new members.

The participants presented the situation on their structures. The young trade unionist expressed the will to be activist on the fight against the informal economy, they asked as well to be more appreciated at the work places and by the trade union leadership.

In the conclusion President Kalaja declared that this is not a fragmentized and sporadic initiative; the workshop was organized in the framework of the education activity of BSPSH, and it will have a follow up in the near future.