Challenging the IFIs training in Baku

The International Financial Institutes proved to be key players in the CEE region during transition period. Their role was rather critically assessed by the unionists and civil societies. Yet today, the shifts in their policies can bring some new opportunities for unions in protecting workers rights.

A training for NIS unionists on the IIs and role of the unions was organised in Baku, Azerbaijan, 13-14 of November, to

• Inform trade unions of the latest developments in IFI programmes and policies in their region. • Empower trade unions to utilize a variety of strategies to engage and challenge IFI programs and policies in their countries and to defend their members’ rights, and workers’ rights in general, against anti-labour IFI policies. • Provide unions with an opportunity to share and collaborate on strategies with one another, and through coordination with the ITUC-PERC, relevant GUFs, and Global Unions Washington Office.

The training was conducted by Molly McCoy, Global Unions Washington Office, and supported by the ITUC Solidarity Fund and the ILO-Moscow Office.

ECA challenging RUS
ECA challenging RUS