Czech Republic: Transport workers’ strike on the 16th June

The strike held on the whole day 16th June 2011 stopped all railway transport in the Czech Republic and a large part of public transport in some of the big cities, for instance in Prague and Brno.

The strike was supported by a trade union rally held the same day in Prague convened by the CMKOS and the Association of Autonomous Trade Unions. Its participants were not only trade unionists but also representatives of civic initiatives and general public.

In various towns and cities trade unionists from other unions gathered at the places of strike to support their striking colleagues and express their solidarity.

The strike received large support of the public - according to opinion polls around two thirds of people agreed with its aims.

We would like to thank for solidarity messages and expressions of support we received from our colleagues abroad.

Today the meeting of the Czech tripartite body - Council of Economic and Social Agreement - is held to discuss again the reforms proposed by the Government. Its results will show whether the Government took a lesson from the strike and is ready to lead a genuine dialogue with social partners and public.