Czech unions protest against unfair reform process

From the Declaration of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (CMKOS) after the Warning Strike of 24th June 2008

We thank trade unionists, employees and the public for their civic courage!

The 24th June 2008 will make its mark as the most massive strike protest.
Over a million of trade unionists and employees of all professions, especially from health service, transport, industries, state administration, education, sent to politicians a clear message that they were not and would not be indifferent to the unfair reform steps of the Government.
This biggest strike protest declared by the CMKOS has strongly reminded the Government that democracy does not mean just to go to voting polls every four years and then passively watch wrong steps of politicians, especially reforms which may put under risk the health of the citizens of the Czech Republic.
The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions thanks especially all those who took part in the strike or supported it by various forms, but also to sympathizers from the public, for their civic self-confidence and courage.
Thanks for solidarity support belong also to our colleagues from fraternal trade union centres, the ETUC, ITUC, TUAC and other trade union organisations and bodies.
Since April 2007, when the CMKOS for the first time published its expert analysis warning about negative impacts of certain reform intentions, nobody of responsible politicians has publicly and expertly refuted this prognosis.
On the contrary - time proves us right.
The reform steps negatively influence the development of inflation and the Government revealed its scenario of privatization of public services, especially the health care.
The strike protest has clearly shown that Czech unions are a real force of the so needed balance which is necessary for democratic and civil society.

Prague, 25th June 2008