Gender mainstreaming: gender audit in the sphere of social partnership

The seminar «Gender mainstreaming: gender audit in the sphere of social partnership» took place from 2 to 5 of June in Kiev.

The seminar was attended by 40 participants: all regions of Ukraine were represented and also gender specialists, officers of socioeconomic and labor protection departments, chairpersons of primary organizations. The expert on gender and sub coordinator of the PERC Women’s Network for North Europe, Tatyana Pashko, presented the project of FNPR/Russian Federation on «Gender audits in trade unions of Russia», which began in March 2007. Four gender audits were made in Vologda’s federation of trade unions, primary trade union organization of mechanical engineering in the city of Kazan, federation of trade unions in republic of Karelia and federation of trade unions in Sverdlovsk’s region. Very fruitful discussions took place also on methodology of gender audits, gender problems in different spheres of our life, such as education, economy and healthcare and gender equality as one of the fundamental ILO strategies to achieve decent work for all women and men.