Global crisis: Baltic meeting

Following the urgent request of our Baltic colleagues, the ITUC/PERC and ETUC have organized a policy discussion meeting on the developments in the region of the three Baltic countries facing the heavy impact of the financial and economic crisis. The meeting was meant to exchange opinions and ideas on the current state of affairs, the prospects for the future and the option for efficient trade union responses in the Baltic context and beyond.

The policy discussion meeting concentrated on the impact of the crisis in the Baltic region; challenges and opportunities for the trade unions. The representatives of trade unions in the Baltic region exchanged opinions and considerations about possible trade union approaches and strategic opportunities, particular instruments and ideas to safeguard the rights and interests of working people through the crisis and to lay the foundations for substantial changes in the way the economies and societies are run. John Monks, the General Secretary of the PERC and ETUC mentioned the seriousness of the situation globally and asked the Baltic unions to keep both PERC and ETUC closely informed about the evolution of the situation in the region.