Hungarian Unions demonstrated for a socially balanced economic crisis management

On April 18 thousands of workers, representing all six Hungarian trade union confederations have demonstrated for a socially balanced economic crisis management in front of the Parliament in Budapest.
A petition of the six confederations was handed over to the Hungarian government and three parties of the Parliament. The demonstartors - nearly 10.000 - raised their voices for meaningful dialogue, immediate negotiations at the tripartite interest reconciliation council.

Péter Pataky, president of MSZOSZ called for a human management of the crisis, with fair and just distribution of the unavoidable heavy burdens.

The speakers - the presidents of MSZOSZ, the Autonomous confederation and - on behalf of all public service unions - the president of the Professional Confederation stressed that capital, responsible for the financial, economic crisis must take its part; it is unacceptable to put already disproportionately high ratio of burdens on employees. Managing the crisis, economic measures should be seen in comprehensive way, together with social consequences. Unions understand the need to make sacrifices, but oppose the disproportionate charge of burdens and that again those living on legal incomes are the main target. We demand that the new government programme consider real social situation, the interests of workers and pensioners on the same basis as the economic ones. In times of economic crisis it is important to anticipate foreseeable social tensions.

Unions are ready to negotiate, but they can not accept illogical decicions, measures which would make the life even more difficult of the already backward stratas, groups of the society. In the future there should not be any decisions made about us without us!

The messages of the ETUC and the neighbouring ÖGB were read out and all other messages were projected.