Hunger action in Lithuania

On July 2, Thursday, the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) announces unlimited hunger action. The action started with the meeting, from 12 to 14 PM in Vilnius, on Independence Square near the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.

During the unlimited hunger campaign, organizers placed a tent in the square with trade union symbolic and banners. It is planned, that 10-15 people will constantly spend time there. Throughout the day, the participants will collect signatures of support to the campaign. In LPSK official report is pointed out that "with hunger action we demand that the government begin talks with trade union representatives on unduly reduction of wages to vulnerable society layers, the pension reduction, extension of the retirement age and value-added tax increases.LPSK President Arturas Cerniauskas personally participate in hunger action.

The government, making the most economical use of budget funds, has decided to propose reducing the salaries to civil servants, judges, politicians, officers and officials. The Cabinet of Ministers has agreed that the basic monthly salary would be reduced from 128 to 115 litas. The government also proposed that the base rate applicable to the calculation of state politicians, judges, public officials and civil servants’ salaries would be reduced - from 475 to 430 litas.

The hunger campaign will continue until the Cabinet of Ministers does not reverse the latest decisions. Campaign slogan is: