KSSH: National conference : “Albania in crisis”

The conference was attended by selected persons from profession and local unions. Mr. Kol Nikollaj held a speech which among other he stressed the importance of awareness of public opinion, and measures taken by the government to minimize the effects of economic crisis, which already is present even in Albania.

As its result are lost over 30 thousand jobs, the internal and external debt is deeper, is deeper the deficits between import and export, are decreased the incomes of the immigrants and the credit is getting tight. This is accompanied by an increase of the prices and devaluation of local currency, is creasing with big steps the impoverishment of population. Government’s claim for increase the salaries and pension.

Mr. Kol Nikollaj called this not real, but a formal decision, that serves to the electoral campaign not to the workers. Only 1/8 of employees benefit from this increase and in fact no real wage has increased. Then Mr. Nikollaj urged all members of KSSH for tomorrow on May Day to join together in the protest organized by KSSH with slogan “Albania in crisis, fight against unemployment and poverty”.

In the conference took the word the President of Health Federation Mr. Minella Mano, President of Pension Trade Union Mr. Isa Gorica. The conference welcomed the ILO’s representative in Tirana Mr. Alfred Topi, who appreciate the work of KSSH in consistency to organize such activities, and explained the role and impact that the financial economic crisis has in Albanian economy and in the employment