KSSH symposium on economic crisis

The KSSH organised a symposium on economic and financial crisis and its impact on Albanian economy on 20 March. The symposium was held in a form of debate and discussions and was attended by the main national and local leaders of the Confederation, professors from the European University of Tirana, representatives of employers organizations , conf- industry, energy investors, representatives of civil society, NGOs MJAFT, economic experts of socialist parties, representatives from the ILO office in Tirana.

After discussions and debates a declaration was drafted representing not only unionist ideas, but also of other groups of interests. The declaration addresses all political structures, such as parliament, government, parliamentary parties, in position and in opposition, urging them to cooperate all together, and to achieve consensus to cope with and to minimise the effects of the crises.

The KSSH is going to send the declaration to Albanian Government on 23.03.2009, the same day when all international trade unions are going to introduce the Global Unions Declaration for the G-20 summit in London, which will be held from 31 March until 1 April 2009

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