LBAS: Manifestation in Riga 18 June 2009

Around 7000 people in Riga and 7600 people in other Latvia cities participated in the manifestation “For Latvia. Against Injustice” organized by Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS).
During the plenary session of the Parliament of Latvia people with slogans and speeches expressed their attitude towards the current situation in Latvia.

The Minister of Finance Mr.Einars Repse also arrived to the manifestation but was turned out of the event by angry people.
LBAS President Peteris Krigers is satisfied with the manifestation and people’s activity. During the manifestation demands to the President of Latvia, the Government, the Parliament and the European Commission were adopted.
During the protest action in Daugavpils city there was a special collection of signatures to strengthen participants’ demands, but in Valmiera Church people gathered for a special ceremony.
During the manifestation in Riga people were addressed by trade union leaders, sportsmen, actors, pensioners, etc. representing all groups of Latvia people.
Colleagues from Lithuania trade unions expressed their solidarity by a picket at the Embassy of Latvia in Vilnius.