Round Table on Draft Law on Labor of Kosovo Organized by the BSPK, PRISHTINA, on 21 June 2008

On 21.06.2008 in Prishtina was held a Roundtable with main subject: “ Discussion on Draft Law on Labour of Kosovo”, organized form Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo (BSPK).

The Statutory Commission of the BSPK, that is responsible for legislation in general introduced their objections, suggestions and recommendations regarding draft labour law, in order to incorporate these objections before this law will be approved in the Parliament.

In this Roundtable participated the BSPK leadership, some branch TU presidents, representatives of women structure of the BSPK, several legal experts, representatives of the Presidency Office of Kosovo, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the civic society, representatives of the Association of pensioners of Kosovo and medias. On behalf of the ITUC- PERC SEE Office Sarajevo on the RT participated Ms. Enisa Salimoviç as a legal expert.

It was agreed that the BSPK Working group will collect all comments which were given in writing, as well as all discussions, and they will formulate the RT conclusions that will be addressed to the Commission for Legislation in Kosovo Assembly.