Seminar on Sectoral Collective Labor Agreements, Ohrid, Macedonia, 18-21 June

Some 30 participants were present from UNASM, KSS (delegation leaded by Rasko Miskoski-President KSS and Doijin Tvetanovski- President of the Teachers union), BSPK/Kosovo ( president of BSPK and representatives of the police union of Kosovo) and representatives of Bulgarian unions.

The seminar was organized with the support of the Belgian ACV/CSC and financed by the Belgian Ministry of Labor.

Joris Van De Voorde from the international department of the ACV/CSC made a presentation on sectorial collective bargaining and the representative of the PERC on gender mainstreaming in collective bargaining and structure and priorities of the PERC for 2008. KSS made a presentation on the General collective agreement for the public sector negotiated between KSS and the Government; BSPK presented the draft Collective Agreement in Kosovo. Ministry of Labor of Macedonia was also present at the seminar together with the CERM /Macedonian Confederation of Employers. The Ministry of Labor was positive on supporting the trade union amendments to the Labor Law and the ILO has been asked also to give advice on changing the law.