The 11-th International Trade Union Women’s School

The Trade Union Women’s School of the CEE&NIS Women’s Network took place on 24 and 25 November in Brussels with the financial support from the ILO and the Belgium unions and was followed by the PERC Women’s Committee Conference on 26 November.

The main theme of the School this year concentrated on the issue of Equality Against Poverty and how to stop the feminization of poverty and the evaluation of the work done during the ILO/FLA project and in identifying the main priorities for the Women’s Network in the next period.
In the meeting participated around 50 women from the women’s structures in the CEE and Nis region. ILO/ACTRAV was invited together with the ETUC , the Belgium unions and the ILO/FLA discrimination project coordinators.
The main topics of the School included an analyses of the impact of the crisis on the public services and situation of women on the labour market, combating poverty through employment, decent work country programs and country studies on concrete facts on the grassroots.
The School has discussed also strategies and policies to combat discrimination in the labour market, strategies and mechanisms for empowering women in trade unions. The School was followed by the Annual Conference of the Women’s Network which worked on the recommendations to the PERC Women’s Conference and adopted a resolution on the future of the Women’s School and the CEE and NIS Women’s Network.

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