The conference of the Global March Against Child Labor Pan-European and Maghreb region

The conference of the Global March Against Child Labor Pan -European and Maghreb region took place in Sofia from 15 to 18 September.
In the meeting participated 22 organizations from 16 countries in the region. The conference agreed to create the Pan-European and Maghreb organization and fully endorsed the Sofia conclusions.

The participants agreed on an urgent establishment of a regional secretariat in Brussels. The constitution of the new organization was largely discussed and the structure of the new organization was established. There was a large debate also on the future plan action of the organization. The main elements of the plan of action are: reinforcing activities and coordination at national level; promoting the Decent Work Agenda, secure employment, social security, elimination of child labor and poverty reduction; child trafficking considering the migration consequences in the region; strategies on data collection and knowledge management; press the multinational enterprises to respect fundamental rights at work; work closely with national alliances, regional organizations, PERC and ILO -IPEC.
Consultation will start with ITUC and ITUC/PERC on composition of the Global March Committee. Proposals have been made during the meeting a final decision will be taken as soon as possible.