The first meeting of PERC Women’s committee

The fist working meeting of the newly elected PERC Women’s Committee took place on 25 February. A special attention on the agenda of the meeting was paid to the action plan and the preparation of representation of PERC Women’s Committee in the next Executive Committee of the PERC which will take place on 16 March

The main objectives as specified in the proposal for the PERC Women’s Committee working plan are as follows: guaranteeing women’s presence in decision-making bodies in numbers at least proportional to the number of women members; to guarantee gender mainstreaming in all international trade union organisations’ policies; combating pay inequality between men and women that exists in all countries; to pursue a balance between work and private life; elimination of gender violence. For this year PERC Women’s Committee took the decision to concentrate its actions especially on decent life and decent work for women in the conditions of the world financial, economic and social crisis. The Committee proposed a series of concrete activities to achieve this goal. The prepared documents will be proposed for adoption at the PERC Executive Committee on 16 March.