WDDW in Russia

In Russia the three affiliates of the ITUC actively participated in the World Day for Decent Work. Meetings, pickets and demonstrations were organized throughout all Russian regions, from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad.

Trade unionists voiced demand for Decent Work, under slogans «Trade unions of Russia – in solidarity with TU of the world!», «Decent wage – real indexation” «Social state – responsible social policy”, «Work pensions – not lower that 40% of the wage”, «Social standards – in collective agreements”, “No – to agency labour” and many others.

The most massive actions took place in Vladivostok, Kurgan, Ufa, Kazan, Volgograd and in total more than 350000 workers went to the streets while many more had indoor or workplace meetings. Unions 75 regions took part in the action, organasing their own activities and sending participants to other cities.

In Moscow, the day started with leafleting near 72 underground stations and continued with the boats bringing participants of the meeting to the quay where the meeting took place.

In Sankt-Peterburg, FNPR president M.Shmakov and Prime-Minister of Russia V.Putin visited Sankt-Peterburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions. Meanwhile unionists of MNEs organized picketing of the office of ADECCO company that is engaged in providing agency labour for many companies in Russia and Sankt-Peterburg in particular. The day finished with a meeting in Krondshtadt where ship-building factory announced redundancy plan that affects thousands of workers.

In Nizhniy Novgorod more than 1500 unionists orgnanised "human-chain" with posters and slogans. In Nevynnomyssk 200 members of KTR protested against agency labour. In Ufa meeting brought together 11000 people, while in Kamchatka, besides the meeting, more than 20000 support signatures were collected. In many cities leafletting and other means to raise public awareness on Decent work were engaged.

Almost everywhere the driving force for creativity and activism were young trade unionists, who had voiced their vision of Decent Life in meetings in Moscow, Penza, Kazan, Irkutsk, Astrakhan and other places.

More specific information at www.wddw.org