Workshop" Building the capacities of women in trade unions", Serbia, Belgrade, 11 -12 January 2009

To strengthen position of women in Serbian trade unions in a line with the PERC general program was a topic for a PERC national Workshop, 11 -12 January in Belgrade, supported by the ITUC-PERC SEE Office Sarajevo

Workshop was jointly organized by Ms. Dobrila Ilicic, sub-regional PERC WC member and Ms. Mira Dimitrijevic, president of the SSS Women’s section. Twenty two members of the women’s sections from SSS and UGS Nezavisnost actively participated on the event. Enisa Salimovic presented the gender dimension in the PERC general program as adopted in Rome; outcome of the Turin Conference; results of the elections for the PERC Women’s Committee members; Program and priorities of the PERC WC.

The results of the ILO Project on informal economy and particularly on position of women in informal economy in Serbia were presented and discussed. The participants welcomed the recent evolution of the legislative and institutional framework which reflects a strong commitment to ensuring equal opportunities for women and men in Serbia.

As a conclusion, the participants underlined the importance of awareness-raising campaigns in the fight against any kind of discrimination in the trade unions, on labour market and society in general. Some proposals for the future activities on national and regional level will be presented by Ms. Dobrila Ilicic on the First PERC Women’s Committee meeting in Brussels, planned for 25th of February 2009.

The activity was supported by the LO-TCO secretariat

/ ITUC-PERC SEE Office Sarajevo/