World Day for Decent Work in Lithuania

Vilnius - October 7, 2008. Lithuanian trade unions and labour NGO’s have joined the World today for the Decent Work Decent Life Campaign. Three national Lithuanian Trade Union Centers (LPSK, LDF and LPS “Solidarumas”) have organized Decent Work Conference in Karolina hotel, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Lithuanian trade unions - the Lithuanian trade union confederation, Lithuanian trade union "Solidarumas", Lithuanian labour federation together with the international community marked the Decent Work Day organizing the Conference on "Decent work - decent life" in Vilnius on 7 October with the aim to discuss the situation on the Lithuania’s labour market, possibility to create qualitative and attractive jobs, to ensure decent life and pension for the workers. The press Conference took place prior the Conference with the participation of Lithuanian trade union confederation chairperson A.Černiauskas, Lithuanian trade union "Solidarumas" chairperson A.Jašinskienė, Lithuanian labour federation chairperson V.Puskepalis who introduced to the journalists the idea of decent work, the view of the international trade union community on this day and expressed their thoughts about decent work. They were talking about the attractiveness of jobs created in Lithuania, about wages and working conditions. The enterprises were mentioned that violate the provisions of the Labour code, the workers’ rights and where there is no social dialogue.
Over 100 trade unionists took part in the practical conference "Decent work - decent life" who discussed the view of the trade unions on the possibility to have decent work and decent wages in Lithuania. The business representatives, namely: General director of the Lithuanian business employers’ confederation D.Arlauskas, Executive director of the Investors’ forum R.Skyrienė, President of the Lithuanian Free market institute R.Šimašius, representative of the Lithuanian Industrialists’ confederation E.Jankauskas expressed their thoughts and discussed with the trade unions if the employers in Lithuania have wish and possibilities to ensure decent work and wages, to create qualitative and attractive jobs, the labour relations stimulating loyalty to the enterprise. Finalizing the Conference the trade union representatives confirmed the resolution on decent work and the statement on the electricity prices.

Taking into consideration that the Conference took place on the eve of the elections to the parliament (Seimas), it draw the attention of the politicians who participated in the work: the political party "Frontas", the Labour party, the Liberals’ and Centre Union, the Lithuanian social-democrats party, the Lithuanian social-democrats’ union, the Lithuanian farmers’ union, the New Union, the Citizens’ democratic party, the Christian democrats’ party, the party Order and Justice.


On 7 October the Youth associations of the National youth trade union ,,Solidarumas", of the Lithuanian trade union confederation and the Lithuanian labour federation conducted the civil-informational action ,,For decent work" during which the young trade unionists went by the trolley bus decorated with the agitation posters all over Vilnius. At the stops the young trade unionists distributed the leaflets about the trade unions and talked to people thus drawing the attention of the society towards the problems of decent work. The majority of people they talked to stated that they heard nothing about the trade unions and they were very positi ve about that action organized by youth. They were using the loudspeaker inviting the trade union members to use the trolleybus free of charge, so they interested several groups of young people to join them in the trolleybus. They listened with great attention to the information about trade union activities and decent work and then even helped to distribute the leaflets. The attention of mass media was good as several journalists also were in the trolleybus filming the action.