World Day for Decent Work in Pristina

In the world day regarding Decent Work (7 October), BSPK together with it’s Women and Youth Network has organized a Campaign with the motto: “Decent Work & Decent Life” in order to raise awareness to the workers for insecure work that is for the moment present everywhere in Kosovo.

We explained them also that this is a campaign organized from ITUC. We also have mentioned also the aims of this campaign such as to make aware workers for Decent work, that they have to be present and their voice has to be heard in all institutions where decisions are made in the name of workers, because of the economic development of the country in all levels, and also the fight for social security and health security, increase of employment etc.

“Women network of BSPK presented a materials and power point presentation on the cases of insecure work in the world, she said also that aim of employers are same in all world, they more care about their bank accounts in the end of the day, then for the security of workers in their work, so trade unions are those who fight against this, said Mejreme Shema, Women Network Coordinator.

She also added in her presentation that: decent wage can offer a decent life, gender equality, possibilities for all, better working conditions, health, safety and in general more productive work and perspective for all in general, also a personal development, improvement of social dialogue etc.

BSPK president Haxhi Arifi, declared that because of the lack of basic laws workers are having lost of problems in different kind of fields. He said that we should continue to make pressure to our institutions regarding establishment of law infrastructure that will be as a result of this campaign for decent work and decent life in general.

Shukrie Rexhepi, president of Women Network of the BSPK had a speech on position of trade union women on these days, and she declared also that 30% of women should be represented in all institutions of Kosovo, which is not for the moment happening in all of them. There is a lack of gender equality in all our institutions including the trade union organization.

BSPK, Prishtina, 7th October 2008