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Leadership and capacity building for women in trade unions in the NIS region

27-09-2016 - “Leadership and capacity building for women in trade unions in the NIS region” training was organized by ITUC/PERC with the support of Friedrich Ebert (...) read more
Social protection workshop in Serbia

Social protection workshop in Serbia

23-09-2016 - The PERC, in cooperation with the FES and its Serbian affiliates CATUS and Nezavisnost, organised a two day workshop on Social protection. During two (...) read more

Prosecutors Allegations Against ex-President Lula put Brazil’s Justice System on Trial

15-09-2016 - Allegations by prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol against former Brazilian President Lula, recycling discredited claims that he secretly owned a beach (...) read more

World Day for Decent Work. Join the Campaign to End Corporate Greed

15-09-2016 - Many of you will have already made plans for the upcoming World Day for Decent Work. But have you registered your event? If you can, please take a (...) read more

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Trade Unions’ protest rally at “Rustavi Azot”

20-09-2016 - On September 15, 2016 Georgian Trade Unions organized a protest rally in front of the administration building of “Rustavi Azot” LLC in Rustavi, Georgia. (...) read more

KVPU: Five miners and trade unionists are on hunger strike at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine

08-08-2016 - On 4 August in Kiev, five miners, members of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine from Donetsk region has started hunger strike at the (...) read more

Pension reform workshop in Moldova

18-07-2016 - Trade unions of Moldova started building its proposals to develop and to implement reforms of the national pension system by organising an expert (...) read more
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