14th PERC Executive Committee

The PERC Executive Committee met on Monday, 21 October, in Brussels. The meeting discussed preparation for the PERC General Assembly, constitutional amendments, programme document for the next cycle as well as outcomes and decisions of the ITUC General Council.

The Executive Committee regretted the denial of EU membership negotiations opening for North Macedonia and Albania. Delegates from these countries underlined the persistent deficit of social dialog in these countries and the Committee decided to support them by adopting a special statement of solidarity.

Wage campaign in SEE region was presented by Evelyn Astor, ITUC Economic and Social Policy department. In this region minimal wages are far below minimal subsistence level as a result of many years cheap labour policies of the governments, that led to exodus of working age people from the countries, which will face demographic shocks in coming years.

Situation in Ukraine after elections prompts particular attention from the PERC members as the new authorities decided to completely reform labour code, starting from a blank page under libertarian mottoes. In Kazakhstan, Erlan Baltabay, who was amnestied by the President of the country, is jailed again. In Kyrgyzstan the Parliament is about to adopt law on trade unions that would make exercising of free and independent trade union activities impossible.

Statement on Albania and North Macedonia
presentation on wages campaign