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The End of Modern-day Slavery: There are over 100 million workers employed to do work in someone else’s house all over world. These domestic workers clean, cook, do the laundry, provide care to children and the elderly and lots more. (...)

Their work is undervalued, underpaid, invisible, not recognised, and not respected. The majority of domestic workers are women (82%) – many are migrants or children.

In many countries domestic workers are excluded from labour legislation and social protection schemes. Many are denied the right, either in law or in practice, to form or join a trade union. As a result, mistreatment, exploitation, violence, and physical and sexual abuse are frequent and often go unpunished.

In June 2011 the UN body that deals with labour issues, the ILO (the International Labour Organisation), adopted Convention 189 (C189) and Recommendation 201 (R201) on Domestic Workers.

The ITUC launches the “12 by 12” worldwide campaign on getting 12 countries to ratify Convention 189 by the end of 2012.


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12 by 12 Campaign: Six Countries Grant Rights to Domestic Workers in 2012

12-12-2012 - Brussels, 12 December 2012 (ITUC Online): With six countries having ratified the ILO Convention No 189 on domestic workers in 2012, the ITUC’s 12 by 12 (...) read more

12 by 12 Campaign in Romania – For protecting the domestic workers

27-03-2012 - National Trade Union Confederation "Cartel Alfa" by Women’s Committee joins the campaign "12 ratifications in 2012" for decent work for workers/female (...) read more

International Women’s Day Conference organized by HAK –IS Turkey “Eighty Colours unite for One Voice”

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