12 by 12 Campaign in Romania – For protecting the domestic workers

National Trade Union Confederation "Cartel Alfa" by Women’s Committee joins the campaign "12 ratifications in 2012" for decent work for workers/female workers in the domestic sector, organized worldwide by the International Trade Unions Confederation and requests to the Romanian Government to initiate immediately the ratification of 189/2011 ILO Convention of decent work for domestic workers.

International Trade Union Confederation launches global campaign "12 in 2012" in order to determine the 12 states to ratify 189 Convention by the end of 2012.

This Convention shall enter into force when will be ratified by at least two states.

The first steps in the campaign "12 by 12" was done by organizing roundtables to ratify Convention 189 to Romania by the end of 2012:

29.02.2012 – Round table in Ramnicu Valcea town at Cartel ALFA Branch, event publicized in the local press, organized by Cartel Alfa Women Committee Vice-president – Mrs. Manuela Dogaru.

01.03.2012 - a Facebook discussion group was created for "Campaign 12 by 12 "for ratification 189 convention accessible at the following address:

The group discussions members are: press representatives, politicians, civil society, Cartel Alfa Women Committee members, Cartel Alfa Branch presidents and union members.

08.03.2012 - Cartel Alfa Cluj Branch roundtable, event publicized in the local press and organized by CNS "Cartel Alfa” Women Committee secretary - Rodica Sasmiresan. The participants were: CNS "Cartel Alfa” Women Committee members, Labor Territorial Inspectorate Cluj representatives,, "Therapy" Free Union representatives, "Farmec" Union representatives, "UNIMET" Union representatives.

10.03.2012 - Tg. Jiu - conference organized by the Women CNS "Cartel Alfa" union with the support of Rovinari Energy Union. Total number of participants: 153 union members.

During this period press releases were sent, Curierul de Vâlcea newspaper published every week an article with the following title "CNS Cartel Alfa will continue its campaign" 12 by 12 "for ratification of 189/2011 Convention, until the end of 2012".
Mrs.Manulea Dogaru - Vice President of Cartel Alfa Women Committee was interviewed by a local radio station, informing the public opinion about our approach.

Further action:

• The influence of media to a large masses of people, dozens of appearances in the media (radio, television, newspapers);

• Making contact with thousands of people to join us approach;

• 189/2011 Convention promotion and dissemination activities, Recommendation 201/2011, by information brochures.

• Recognition from governmental and governmental environments;

• Collecting signatures and other accessions by NGOs, trade unions which would be sent to government authorities.

• Lobby and advocacy for189/2011 Convention ratification and aligning the domestic legislation to the preventions of the ILO Convention.

• Writing a procedure-brochure, which describes:

(i) The procedure gives by the legislation in force to employ a domestic worker.

(ii) The employee and employer’s benefits by shifting black work to regulate work "with legal forms".

• Trying to unionized workers in the household:

- Discussion for information / awareness with people known to workers in this sector in the country or with Romanian immigrants;

- Contacting unions in countries where Romania has many immigrants working in the domestic sector, for their support in syndication.

By our approach we support the emphasis on creating decent working places for domestic workers, we welcome the fact that each domestic worker must be treated according to the fundamental labour standards, to receive social security benefits, non-discrimination and equal treatment when seeking a job, of protection against abusive placement agency work, of training and professional development opportunities, safety measures and protection of health, maternity protection and provisions on working time, rest respectively , protection against abuse and harassment, freedom of association and representation, the right to collective bargaining, collective action and lifelong learning, support the Convention establishing a minimum age of employment and wage gap ethnicity and gender.

The Convention ratification and implementation would not only improve the situation of many women domestic labour market, guaranteeing them decent working conditions, but would also increase their social integration. This would reduce the number of working poor, addressing the needs of one of the most vulnerable categories of workers.

The domestic work sector recorded a high level of informal employment relations and undeclared. Implementation of the Convention will solve the problem of undeclared work, making it possible for poor job of home care to be processed where possible, decent jobs, better paid and sustainable.

Women Committee President CNS "CARTEL ALFA" ROMANIA