International Women’s Day Conference organized by HAK –IS Turkey “Eighty Colours unite for One Voice”

On 8-th of March HAK –IS organized a big international conference in Ankara with the participation of 400 women from all provinces of Turkey. The theme of the conference referred to unity in diversity and had as guests representatives of the Turkish Government, Ministry of Social Affairs, Parliament officials, EU Commission office, ILO , university professors, researchers.

Both ETUC and ITUC/PERC took part in the conference, presented the programs and action plans developed by the two organisations and showed their solidarity with the working women of Turkey. Following the presentations made by the President of the HAK-IS Women’s Committee, Julide Sarieroglu, and the conclusions drawn by the presidents of the women’s committees in the sector unions, the women in Turkey are facing a series of difficulties and challenges: discrimination at the workplace, mobbing, increased violation against women, difficulties in balancing work and family life, child care, lack of enough women in decision making positions.

The women expressed their full support to the ITUC <<12 by 12 campaign>> on ratification of the ILO Convention on domestic workers and expressed their will to actively participate in lobbying the Turkish Government for the ratification of the ILO Convention.