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4th Youth Committee meeting

13 February 2016: 11-12 February the 4th Youth Committee, which was elected in October 2015, gathered for their first meeting.

The meeting was attended by PERC Executive Secretary, Anton Leppik, who pinpointed two key areas of interest in the global scope of trade union issues: future of work and hidden workforce in supply chains and also challenged the committee to find a way to improve communication and visibility.

Tom Vrijens, the President of ETUC Youth Committee, briefed PERC youth on their work and positions in the COP21 process, refugees and migration issue and youth guarantee.

Maria Tsirantonaki, from ITUC Equality department explained the flow of work and representation of PERC in ITUC Youth Committee.

Further on the Committee members defined the priorities for the coming years, which are migration, organising and youth (un)employment. Also the committee is determined to strengthen cooperation with ETUC youth and PERC Women’s Committee.

The Committee members also committed to be actively involved in youth-related activities in the PERC action plan for 2016-2017.

Finally, the participants shared their national and sub-regional achievements and plans of their youth structures.

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