CNSM condemns the attempt to modify the Labour Code and Trade Union Law

National Trade Union Confederation (CNSM) opposes the proposals to amend some articles of the Labour Code and of the Trade Union Law submitted to the Parliament by the American Chamber of Commerce, National Confederation of Moldovan Employers and European Business Association. The amendments refer to the conditions of dismissal of the employees - trade union members and to the guaranties for those elected within trade union bodies.

CNSM considers the arguments related to the issue unfounded, as the respective provisions of these laws do not correlate to the conditions of the market economy, the principle of free competition and international law, to which the Republic of Moldova abides.
Creation of favourable investment climate, including for the legal entities, cannot be a reason to ignore and disregard labour rights and constitutional guarantees of the employees and their representatives. The practice of fair implementation of the legal procedures of dismissal, transfer or sanctions of the employees - trade union members does not show cases, which led to conflicts or affected the legal rights and interests of the economic agents, including foreign investors.

CNSM requires the competent authorities to take into account the fact that according to the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy, adopted by the Governing body of International Labour Office in November 1977 "when the host country governments offer special stimulants for attraction of foreign investors, these stimulants cannot include any restriction on free association of employees or the right to organise and to bargain collectively".

CNSM condemns any attempt to modify the Labour Code and Trade Union Law which could affect the labour rights and interests of the trade union members and their representatives.