CTUM: Knowledge on Occupational Health and Safety as a Basis for Safe Work

Within Project “Union to Union”, which is realized by Swedish Trade Unions Lo, TCO and SACO, and through ITUC-PERC Regional office in Sarajevo, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Montenegro has organized Seminar under title “Knowledge on Occupational Health and Safety as a Basis for Safe Work” in SindCenter “Muo”, in Kotor, Montenegro on 6 and 7 December 2019.

The aim of the Seminar was strengthening of the Trade Union capacities through expertly training of trade union represents of employees in the field of occupational health and safety.
The educational activity, attended by twenty trade union activists from different companies and institutions was opened by dr Ljiljana Krivokapic, President of the CTUM General Assembly.
-  From this place, we are going to start realization of the first in row of activities related to occupational health and safety. Our goal is to give contribution in creation of ambience in which life and health of workers will be priority issue, which will have consequence in raising of awareness on significance of prevention activities and developing culture of the occupational health and safety and in that way of significance of sound and safe working environment. Using this opportunity I would like to thank to Swedish Trade Unions and to our friends from the ITUC-PERC Regional Office from Sarajevo, who enabled us to realize this activity, which is I believe, the only first one of this kind in row. Our idea is that through modular system of education enable quality education of present and future trade union represents for the occupational health and safety in their companies – said Krivokapic.
Enisa Salimovic,ITUC –PERC Regional Office Coordinator from Sarajevo pointed out that the activity was supported by the ITUC-PERC Office in Sarajevo within Project of support of Swedish trade unions - UNION to UNION for Western Balkans countries.
- In this way we support and thank to the CTUM for continuing of activities of PERC Regional Occupational Health and Safety Network, particularly taking into account that the SEE Trade Union Experts Network paid special attention to this important topic. We are satisfied to hear that Montenegro adopted in 2014 moder law on Occupational health and Safety as well as number of bylaw acts, but our goal is to strengthen social dialogue between trade unions, employers and Government in order to make full implementation of the OHS in practice - said Salimovic. .
Zdenko Janković, President of the Association of Health and Safety of Montenegro (UZNR) said that the this Association signed Memorandum on Cooperation with the Confederation of Trade Unions of Montenegro that the UZNR will continue to participate in common projects.

Danijela Šuković, Head of Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety from Ministry of Labor and Social Wellfare said that the Ministry recognized significance of including of the Confederation of Trade Unions in activities, which this Ministry and the State realized in direction of implementation of provisions from the OHS area.
-  Implementation of mentioned provisions is the one of closing benchmarks for negotiation Chapter 19, which is related to social policy and employment. This is one of the ways to make employees familiar with their rights, obligations and responsibilities when it comes to this area – said Sukovic.