FPU: New forms of industrial actions

On 20-22nd of October, Federation of trade unions of Ukraine held a training on how to hold industrial actions. The training gathered experts from FPU affiliates, organisers and leaders of primary unions affiliates to FPU. The training was part of Union to Union project aimed at building capacities with PERC members in NIS countries.

At the workshop participants went through the following topics:
• Regulatory and legal base for industrial actions;
• How to initiate a protest actions through social media;
• Rallies as part of active civil society development;
• Public speaking: addressing informal gatherings;
• How to get ready and effectively hold a protest action;
• How to develop the key message and slogan for the campaign;
• Creative groups and artists as a way to emotionally charge the protesters;
• Psychology of the crowd to be taken into account in rallies;
• Security measures during mass meetings.

There was a separate block on flash-mobbing.
During the workshop participants searched for solutions to make a protest action efficient, well planned and compliant with the legislation.

Following the results of discussions and advice of the trainers, the participants drew up guidelines on how to organise an effective protest action to make it available to all interested FPU unions.