ITUC/ETUC Solidarity With Ukrainian Workers

The letter of solidarity with Ukrainian workers and people from ITUC and ETUC General Secretaries.

To Ukrainian Trade Union Leaders

Brussels, 24 February

ITUC/ETUC Solidarity With Ukrainian Workers

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have been watching with anger and great sadness the recent tragic and shocking events in Ukraine. For months the people of Ukraine have been standing at Maidan Square, people who want to make their country free, their lives decent and their voices heard. They want to end the corruption of the ruling elites, to end the appropriation of the national wealth by oligarchs and their puppets, and to
bring equality and justice to the country. We, as the union movement, fully share and support those who peacefully stand up for their lives. We know that there are many trade union members on the streets also.

The people want their government to serve the people, but that same government opened fire on the people. Although extremists tried to abuse the demonstrations for their own purposes, the overwhelming support of Ukraine citizens and workers shows full commitment to democratic principles and justice. Dozens of people were killed, hundreds wounded, buildings burned, including the trade union building.

We share your pain and anger. Trade union colleagues from many countries of the world are expressing their solidarity with the workers of Ukraine, with the Ukrainian people. We would like to ask you, leaders of the national trade union movement, to convey, on behalf of the ITUC and the ETUC, our feelings of deepest solidarity and pride for the people of Ukraine, and of sadness and condolences to those who lost their relatives and friends, and also of hope to all the citizens of Ukraine that human dignity, human rights and people’s interests in your country will be respected.

Yours in solidarity,

Sharan Burrow
General Secretary

Bernadette Ségol
General Secretary

ITUC/ETUC Solidarity with Ukraine