ITUC Organising Academy: the first meeting for PERC

The first meeting of the ITUC Organising Academy took place in Gdansk, Poland, 8-12 July, with the help of the NSZZ Solidarnosc. Participants from Poland, Croatia, Russia, Romania, Georgia and Bulgaria took part in the meeting.

During the Academy meeting the participants were able to share there experiences in organising policy building and implementing organising campaigns. They also were introduced to the Leads Organising course by the ITUC and AFL-CIO trainers.

They discussed organising context and environment, mapping of unions and targets, needs and challenges for workers in the field, building organising operational plan, organising technics and process assessment and eventually built and presented their own national campaigns, such as organising hypermarkets in Romania and Poland, bank workers in Georgia, migrant workers in Russia, textile workers in Croatia and different enterprises of Bulgaria via building workers’ councils.

The ITUC will support the organisations involved in further implementation of the organising plans. It will also encourage new affiliates to join the Building workers power ITUC Organising agenda.