Industrial actions at Georgian Railways

Several thousand of workers of Georgian Railways went on strike as the management of this state owned company does not want to GR management refused to negotiate in good faith on three crucial issues: overtime
pay, a fair bonus system and bonuses for the length of service and qualifications.

This despite a number of unsuccessful attempts of the Deputy Labour Minister, Mr. Sakandelidze, to mediate between the parties to the conflict; as well as an extension of the period for negotiation agreed by the union.

Moreover, the management of the company has been threatening, intimidating and harassing union leaders and their families and slandering trade unions in the press.

As a consequence, the union had no other choice than exercising its fundamental right to strike guaranteed by the Georgian Constitution. Hence, the industrial action held on 14 November mobilized more than 6,000 workers in the whole country.

The strike was a success and the management of the company was forced to agree with the demands of the union!

The ITUC supported the industrial action at Georgian Railway and has sent a protest letter to the company as well as expressed its solidarity to the Georgian Trade Union Confederation and its Railway workers union.

ITUC protest letter