International Women’s Day PERC Youth Committee statement

Equality should have been reached yesterday

On the International Women’s Day PERC Youth Committee remains committed to pay closer attention to the problems connected with gender equality in the labour markets. The pay gap between men and women, unequal opportunities, participation in decision-making and household duties are the challenges that we fought and were supposed to overcome yesterday. But, unfortunately, we have not yet done so. We have to keep in mind, that equality is one of the fundamental values in modern society. We still got work to do!

The global economic crisis, conflict and instability in the world exacerbated the problem of gender inequality. We see that in many countries women don’t have decent jobs, they are frequently paid less than men and spend more time in the informal sector. In particular young women frequently suffer from the gender inequality: they cannot find a job or are forced to opt for precarious working conditions.

Also we must remember that women are subjected to violence at work and at home and run the risk of turning into victims of human trafficking.

Many studies confirm that gender equality has a positive impact on the economic and social situation in the world. Therefore, we must make big effort to achieve this goal soon. We call on the governments, the entire international community to intensify the struggle for gender equality.

We would like to wish everyone good luck and strength in confronting these challenges!

PERC Youth Committee