Lawyers and economists meeting, 3-5 October, Kiev

The PERC, in framework of the Lo-TCO Eastern Partnership project, has organised a meeting on legal and economic experts networks in Kiev, 3-5 October. The meeting gathered TU lawyers and economists, specialized in social protection and taxation to discuss the pension reforms and its consequences, crisis impact and flat tax and its implications in NIS region.

Academic experts from CEE, namely from Bulgaria, Hristina Mitreva and Krastyo Petkov, delivered thought-provoking presentations regarding reforms of pension and taxation systems. These were followed by a broad Q&A session and discussion of the current state of affairs in different countries.

FPU has drawn the opportunity to make a detailed overview of current Ukranian taxation system and tax code. Liudmila Ostapenko from FPU Department of budget policy and social protection pointed out to discrimination in the current code of working population and presented a tax reforming initiative seeking to establish social justice in taxation. FPU also submitted this initiative to ILO, asking this body to consider developing recommendations on fair taxation, including:

– tax exempt minimum income level allowing for decent life of the employee and its family
– tax burden of employee salary/wage should not exceed those of other types of income (interest rates, dividends)
– tax exemption of purchase of accommodation, education and medical services
– preventing tax evasion
– tax incentives (temporary) for priority industries and vulnerable groups

FPU representatives called the participants to support their initiative (within the region as well as on international stage). The audience was enthusiastic about the proposal.

Also participants has touched upon the crisis implications for democracy and TU rights. Bruno Sergi from Messina University outlined challenges and opportunities brought by the crisis into Eurozone, while Bela Galgozi from ETUI concentrated on crisis footprint in CEE and SEE economics.

Presentation Bela Galgoczi