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Meeting of the PERC elected team

18 February 2016: The PERC "Presidency" meeting took place in Brussels on 16 February 2016. The elected team discussed documents for the PERC Executive Committee, internal organisation of the PERC work, defined major priority areas for 2016: migration and campaigning within MNEs. It also discussed challenges to peace and democracy in Europe.

"The PERC presidium in its meeting in Brussels on 16 February concluded:

Peace, democracy and rights are being increasingly threatened by nationalist and sectarian sentiments and mutual accusations from different sides in Europe.
We are concerned about the increased political and social tensions in Europe, that provide fertile ground for limiting democratic space and increasing intolerance, also against refugees from countries at war.
The PERC and its affiliates will remain consistent in protecting social and economic rights of all workers, by stimulating and promoting job creation and principles of decent work.
We reaffirm PERC’s total commitment to peace and call all its members to unite and to speak in favour of a Europe without conflicts and war and for justice and dialogue.

PERC GS Luca Visentini"

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