New ISCOS-PERC Empowerement of women project

Following the European Commission call for proposal Ref: EUROPEAID/131114/C/ACT/MULTI on Partnership actions-Empowerment of women (part of Civil Society Facility which focuses on Civil Society Organizations that are tackling the issues relating to the empowerment of women) the ISCOS/CISL took the initiative to promote this project in collaboration with ITUC/PERC. The project is meant for beneficiary IPA countries (Western Balkans ) and EU member states.

Please find below the project objectives, methodology and activities.

A. Project objectives
*strengthening the national level trade union women’s committees and networks and their capacity to produce equality plans on national level; to influence state institutions, governments policies and trade union policies
* developing expertise and professional analytic skills to identify strategies and develop initiatives
*developing and improving strategies and methods regarding empowerment of women’s negotiating skills for collective bargaining and social dialogue
*producing materials to raise awareness among wider audience about the need for a more balanced representation of decision making positions
*networking and campaigning on identified priority issues for the region ( promoting equal treatment; fighting discrimination)
*increase understanding on EU affairs and the accession process

B. Methodology
*Learning by doing: training on policy making, how to fight discrimination at the workplace; developing analytical and negotiating skills; changing power relations inside trade union structures
*building practical skills in preparing policy initiatives, campaigns and running them in the public space and state institutions; lobbying public authorities and state institutions
*developing self-confidence in women’s structures
*building a wider base for gender and equality policy involving both women and men

C. Activities

*Opening Conference , Zagreb, 16 February 2012 (presentation of the project )

*Workshops in the IPA beneficiary countries 2012:
25-27 April- Serbia
21-23 May- Macedonia
30 May-1 June- Kosovo
13-15 June – Montenegro
27-29 June- BiH

*Regional conference for all participants in the project 2012: 29-30 October - Macedonia

*Evaluation meeting
*National campaigns and action plans; representation of women in trade unions in the Balkans
*Manuals, brochure with best practices

*Final Conference 2013

opening conference