OLEG BUDZA: European integration of the Republic of Moldova should not be to the detriment of employees

European integration of the Republic of Moldova is certainly supported by the National Confederation of Trade Unionsof Moldova (NCTUM), however this proces should not undergo to the detriment of employees, but serve them as a helping hand.Mr. Oleg Budza, the President of National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova declared this on Tuesday, January 27, in the framework of the meeting with Mr. Pirkka Tapiola, the Head of European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

Trade unions’ leader mentioned, that european standards should be really implemented, and not just discussed by the officials, and only in this case the Republic of Moldova will be able to make progress as the other countries of the European Union do (EU).

„Trade unions get actively prepared for the special programs implementation, provided by Association Agreement with EU. Thereis a great deal of work to be done. But still, we count upon the fact that the European vector we have chosen will bring stability to our country”, the NCTUM President underlined.

Mr. Oleg Budza emphasized that NCTUM combates informal economy, which makes up more than 50% of the formal one. For these reasons, trade unions insist on an urgent adoption and implementation of the new Plan of Actions at the governmental level to counteract undeclared labor and unofficial salary payment. At the same time, trade unions still followtheir objective to major minimal salaries up to the level of minimum standards of living, which would reduce migration of population, especially of young people.
“If decently paid jobs are created in the Republic of Moldova, then youth mass migration abroad will no longer take place. In this moment, Moldova will become attractive for investors”, trade unions’ leader clarified.

In the framework of meetings with NTUCM leadership and representatives of branch trade unions, the European official explained the advantages of EU in Moldova, which should be followed by the trade unions.

„I recommend trade unions to be active, since they play an important role in a democratic society. I hope that the new government will implement as many reforms as possible in this sense either, since trade unions protect the rights and interests of employees. The market of the Republicof Moldova is attractive for foreign investors, but it is necessary to implement reforms to improve its climate”, Mr. Pirkka Tapiola accentuated.

Trade unions’ members also discussed with the european official such issues as salaries, allowances, jobs, investmentsfrom foreign countries, as well as labor legislation which needs to be modified.