On 8th of March - PERC women take action in support of ILO convention on GBV

On 8 of March, International Women’s Day, PERC women workers take action in support of an ILO convention on gender based violence in the world of work!
In June 2019, the International Labor Conference will take a huge step towards outlawing gender-based violence by discussing an international labor standard on “violence and harassment against women and men in the world of work”.

Violence – and in particular violence against women – remains one of the most under-reported, yet destructive features of our world of work. It costs lives and livelihoods. It destroys workers and families. It harms the reputation of businesses and costs billions to the economy. Preconditions for gender equality include strengthening women’s voice and leadership, eliminating violence and harassment at work and the implementation of equal pay. Gender-based violence in the world of work keeps women trapped in poverty, deprives women of their autonomy and collective voice at work and prevents women workers from building power. In addition to poverty wages and hazardous working conditions, gender-based violence is common in global supply chains.

Eradicating gender-based violence from our workplaces is the unfinished business of the trade union movement. There can be no decent work with violence at work. As trade unions, we must put the issue of gender-based violence at the front and center of our organizing and collective bargaining agendas, alongside our claims for pay equity, family-friendly workplace policies and non-discrimination.

On 8 March 2019, millions of women around the world will again march for labor rights, equal treatment for all, equal pay for work of equal value, and the right to unionize. They will march because gender-based violence in the workplace is allowed to exist when women anywhere face inequality and discrimination.

Let’s again show our strong determination to advance gender equality in the world of work on 8 March, International Women’s Day !

PERC Women’s Committee