PERC Youth Committee meeting, 21 November 2012

The meeting of the PERC Youth Committee took place in Ankara, Turkey, on 21 November 2012, with the support of the HAK-Is trade union confederation. The meeting involved not only PERC youth committee members, but also young activists of Turkish unions, and was presided by Tugda Balci, PERC Youth committee President.

The meeting was welcomed by the HAK-Is President Mahmud Arslan, who introduced the Committee to the employment situation in Turkey and in particular the priority areas of trade union youth policies the last HAK-Is Congress decided. He also presented the practical HAK-Is work on vocational education and training for young people and its international commitments.

Anton Leppik presented the ITUC agenda as approved by the General Council meeting in Amman and PERC plans encouraging youth actions to implement the “Building workers power” objective. He also explained the PERC preparatory activities for the ILO regional meeting in Oslo in April 2013 and that the PERC expected active contribution from its committees.

In the course of discussion the participants exchanged information about different activities held in framework of the PERC Youth committee workplan, positively evaluated youth performances and actions in the course of the World Day for Decent Work on 7 October 2012.

In a conference call with Pierre Ledecq, the Chair of the ITUC Youth Committee, the participants were invited to contribute to building of the new ITUC global youth campaign in line with the new ITUC strategy.

The participants also debated ways to improve internal and external communication and visibility of the PERC youth and defined the theme for the next PERC Youth European Conference – Organizing and mobilizing of young workers of Europe.

The Committee also agreed upon technical changes in the terms of references and redefined its priority action areas: quality jobs for young people, intergenerational solidarity, communication and improved visibility of PERC youth in national youth union structures and activities and organizing and mobilizing of young workers.

PERC YC agenda
TOR ammended