PERC Youth Committee’s statement on the pension reform in France

PERC Youth Committee would like to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters from the French unions, fighting against the pension system reforms, introduced by French government. We consider Trade Unions’ demand to reinstate the retirement age of 60 years to be fair and we support them in this struggle.

In recent times we keep seeing examples of governments attacking social guarantees and the workers’ rights gained from a century of hard fighting. Pensions, labour guarantee and the freedom of association are being universally violated and limited.

French Unions’ actions, struggle for rights and interests serve as an inspiration to the workers throughout Europe. Their demands are important not only to employees, who are approaching the retirement age in the nearest time, but also to those who are just entering the labour market, as well as to the future generations, whose interests we as youth committee represent.

We are sure that the difficulties Unions experience will not stop them and that the set goals will be achieved.

In solidarity,
6th PERC Youth Committee