PERC trade union communication network meeting for SEE and NIS

The regular communications officers network meeting for affiliates in NIS and SEE took place on the 6th of September. This time the on-line meeting was dedicated to the coming ITUC Congress and its communications agenda both in relation to content and practical issues. The meeting was part of Union-to-Union project with PERC.

Tim Noonan, ITUC campaigns and communications d[irector, outlined challenges that are currently in front of the global labour movement such as climate, pandemic and public health and technology-related issues, explained its influence on the every-day lives of working people. He presented the concept of the New Social Contract that will address these challenges and is the backbone of the key document for the coming four years that will be presented for approval at the Congress in November. Tim underlined its major elements such as jobs, rights, wages, social security, equality and inclusiveness. This will have to be integrated into policies and communication agenda of the affiliates world wide.

It was explained to participants that even though the Congress will be a fully physical meeting, it will have livestreaming for some of the sessions, so it will be possible for the unionists to follow some discussions on-line.

Tim has also reminded of the 7 of October – the World Day for Decent Work, the day for the worldwide mobilization of the unions. This year the global topic is just wages. ITUC expects activities and rallies in support of this cause in all parts of the world.

The participants also had an opportunity to get the information about key ETUC campaigns. Julian Scola, ETUC Head of press and communications during his presentation called the sub-regional communication officers to cooperate with ETUC on a number of issues and to promote its initiatives, such as for example zero death initiative.

The meeting concluded with the participants’ round table where they had an opportunity to share experience and update each other on the developments in their countries.