Provocations against the leaders of the independant trade unions of Kazakhstan continue

On January 6, 2019, Kuspan Kosshygulov (delegate to the 4th World Congress of the ITUC) was taken off train and detained by the police along with his eight-year-old daughter.

After boarding the train in Mangyshlak, Kuspan was approached by an unknown individual, who grabbed Kuspan by both hands and accused Kuspan in violence against him. Immediately 6-7 police officers ran to the carriage, and he and his daughter were taken to the police station. After intervention of his lawyer and negative results of the medical tests for alcohol or drugs, the police had to let him and his daughter go.

The independent unions of Kazakhstan consider this provocation connected to Kuspan’s, intervention to the ITUC Congress (Video from 01:30:00) .

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