Regional workshop on informal economy and links with corruption and taxation, 7-8 May 2015, Budva, Montenegro

A Regional workshop for legal, economic, and experts for communications and campaigns from the Western Balkan trade unions was held, within ITUC/ PERC – LO Norway Project “Tackling taxation, informal economy, and corruption in the Western Balkans – towards better governance and democratic processes” was held on 7-8- May 2015 in Budva, Montenegro.

The legal, economic, and experts for communications and campaigns from the Western Balkan trade unions presented, at this regional workshop, the results, trade union positions, opinions of the social partners and other relevant matters, which were discussed at the respective national round tables held in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo.
The participants also discussed how to continue their fight against informal economy and corruption, and how to propose and present the trade union positions on taxation policies, how to monitor the government imposed measures related to these matters. Mr. Martin Hutsebaut presented the catalogue of changes in taxes and reforms, required for fairer taxation system.
Experts for communications and campaigns, with the support of the colleagues from LO Norway and LOFF improved their knowledge and skills applicable to communications and campaigning, both in terms of taxation policies, informal economy, and corruption, and in terms of other matters of relevance for trade unions.
National Action plans were also presented, with details on planned activities and actions, which will be carried out in the Western Balkan trade unions, as well as the ways in which the trade unions would present their positions and initiatives, methods which will be used use in communications / campaigns, target groups in focus of campaigns, allies that should be included, timeframe – schedule of activities.
Venue and time of a big tripartite regional meeting was also agreed, as well as the list of organizations and institutions that should be invited. Final tripartite conference will be held in early November in Sarajevo.

ITUC / PERC SEE Office, Sarajevo