SEE trade union economists network: Developments of the economies, macroeconomic indicators and challenges in SEE countries

The SEE network of trade union economists has finalised the report "Developments of the economies, macroeconomic indicators and challenges in SEE countries", covering economic and labour situation in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

This report was prepared by the South-East Europe Trade Union Economic Experts’ Network within the project “Trade union cooperation for EU integration”, implemented by ITUC/ PERC SEE Office in Sarajevo and financed by LO and TCO Swedish trade unions.

The SEE TU economic experts’ network, which is active under the umbrella of the International Trade Union Confederation’s Pan-European Regional Council (ITUC-PERC), draws together economic experts from national trade unions active in the Western Balkans countries. PERC’s regional office located in Sarajevo coordinates the network’s activities.

The network builds on our network members’ knowledge and expertise to be able to encourage a constructive social dialogue, and adhere to a strong regional view, thereby striving for a vast array of activities, from enhancing national labour activists and economists’ professionalism to reinforcing the conditions for sustainable economic and social growth.

The SEE TU economic experts’ network’s agenda develops the relationship between trade unions, the state, business and labour markets under new market economy rules and looks upon the effectiveness of trade unionism on a shared understanding of the many challenges and opportunities that these national economies face today.

The report provides detailed information about the economic experts meetings, overview of economic trends, public finances, unemployment, employee compensation and income inequality, among others. The reports by national experts provide detailed information on economic and social developments, contain constructive proposals and make insightful policy recommendations.

“Developments of the economies, macroeconomic indicators and challenges in SEE countries”