Statement by the BKDP Executive Committee in connection with the violation of the rights of trade unions in Belarus

The BKDP Executive Committee expresses a strong protest in connection with another violation of the rights of trade unions in the country, the recognition on April 7 of the Belarusian Trade Union of workers of radio and electronic industry (REP trade union), which is part of the BKDP, as an extremist formation.

The BKDP Executive Committee declares that by adopting this resolution, the Belarusian authorities have taken another dangerous step in the escalation of terror and repression against the country’s independent trade union movement.

The BKDP Executive Committee demands from the authorities an immediate cessation of their policy aimed at the destruction of the independent trade union movement and reprisals against its members. We declare that these actions will entail unpredictable consequences for the country and warn the organizers of the attack on the REP trade union of their liability for this.

The BKDP Executive Committee will immediately inform the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) about the incident with an urgent request to use their powers and available resources to put pressure on the authorities in order to stop the ongoing pressure, repression and reprisals against independent trade unions of Belarus and their members.