Statement of BKDP Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the TUA BKDP expresses its deep indignation at the repressions and layoffs of the striking workers at a number of enterprises throughout the country. Among them are workers of OAO "Grodno Azot" Company, Minsk electrical and engineering plant named after Kozlov, Belarusian metallurgical plant, Minsk wheeled tractor plant, OAO “Belaruskali” potash fertilizer plant, “Belorusneft” Company and other enterprises. Among those dismissed are the most qualified workers and employees. Many of whom are members of independent trade unions affiliating to BKDP.

We declare that the dismissals of workers are illegal and flagrantly violate the Constitution and the Labor Code of Belarus, article 14 of which prohibits discrimination against workers for manifestation of their political commitments.

We demand to immediately stop the violation of laws and end the repressions unleashed by the political regime of Lukashenko.

We warn the directors of the enterprises that if they do not stop repressions against workers and reinstate those who have already been dismissed, they will be brought to justice in line with Belarusian legislation very soon after the restoration of legality in the country.

We call on all Belarusian workers to manifest their solidarity and protect their comrades whom the ruling regime is inflicting reprisals against. Remember, that only our principled stand, the unity of our ranks and solidarity at this fateful moment can compel the regime to stop the roller of repressions, under which the workers and their families fall.

We call on citizens to provide solidarity support to the striking workers in any form as they are fighting not only for their rights, but also for the right of the entire Belarusian people to live in a free and democratic country.

Together we will win! Long live Belarus!

02 November, 2020

BKDP statement

Statement of BKDP Executive Committee