“Strengthening Working Women Capacities and Networking in the Western Balkan” a picture of the situation of women workers in South Western Balkans.

Working women conditions and presence of women in trade union organization in Western Balkans was at the core of the final conference of the project “Strengthening Working Women Capacities and Networking in the Western Balkans” that have taken place in Sarajevo last 10th of October with the representatives of the trade union organizations form all the countries of the area.

Different forms of violations and discrimination affect every day women workers and in particular in this area of Europe certain economic and social conditions can further enhance the differences of treatment between women and men, moreover we see that sectors were the presence of working women is high are the most precarious and not well paid. Different issues for different contest in the region but also many similarities that can be discussed together and have to be shared in order to fine a common approach and be more representative.
The project have strengthened the network where the exchange of information among trade union representatives from women committees, in order to found best practices, solutions and common strategies. The final conference allowed the representatives of trade unions involved to point the attention on different issues concerning women workers in the regions, and keep informed the actors on the situation in countries where legal framework is in continue changing. In addition to that, the regional network gives to women representatives a stronger visibility and creates a new approach on working on women issues.

Trade unions in fact are to all intents and purposes a key actor in the process of protection of women rights; giving equal economic conditions and be part of the society in equal way is covering mostly the priorities of trade unions women committees. Guarantee an equal treatment and an active participation and consequently representation in the society is the common objective that trade unions have in the region.

In order to let the people know what is the role of trade unions in the protection of women conditions and give information about the services that trade union organizations are giving to women they have delivered national campaigns and events. Mostly of the events have taken place on the 7th of October, the World day for decent work, in this occasion media, representatives from governments and workers have been informed about the specific issues that women workers are affected, but also about the role of trade unions on it.

To know more about the activities prepared during the project a booklet in different languages will be distributed soon where you will find all the contributions from the partners.